Thursday, September 12, 2013

Empire State of Mind - NYFW Spring 2014 RTW Street Style

Yes, I do like long titles for some reason. 

And I loved looking at streetstyle pictures as much as the collections. I love how everyone is having fun and relaxed, even Anna dello Russo, in a daytime dress, wow. 

Being a categorization freak, I sat down and broke down the chaos of New York Fashion Week streetstyle into a few trends. All White, Bare Midriffs, Black and White Ensembles, Colorful and Cheerful, Leather, 
were a few of these trends. I'm warning you, this is gonna be a lengthy post. 

All White's 

Leandra Medine's choker was such an original piece and look great with her white shirt dress. 

Those frames are original yes, but flattering? Um, no, in my opinion. I think these are the girls from HowTwoLive. UPDATE: Those are Love sunglasses by Karen Walker for Jeremy Scott. I still find them a wee bit funny..  

Hanneli Mustapparta is such a risk taker in her all white ensemble and chocolate icecream. 

Man Repeller Leandra Medine is once again in all white. Love the Beatles stride. 

Bare Midriffs

Yes, 3 out of 4 are models. This trend is here to stay even in Fall Winter and it is not for mortals without rock hard abs and chauffeurs.  

Song of Style's Aimee Song is all bright and cheerful. 

Black and White

Well, along with the All White trend, this is recurring favorite of mine.

Forget Suri or the Beckham kids, she is the coolest kid around. Meet Aila, Alexander Wang's niece. 

Colorful and Cheery 

Although I do not normally dress this colorful, I really think it suits New York with its backdrop of yellow cabs and zebra-crossing, creates such great photos. 

Miroslava Duma is once again as cute as a button. 

I can't make out if this is a skirt or pants, but either way I like them. 

Tie-dye on tie-dye, what else could be so much fun? 

Chiarra Ferragni's dress is just great. I'm developing a thing for pleats and I love the pattern and the cut of this dress. 

I can't tell who this is but I can always spot a good Peter Pilotto dress anywhere, this is from Spring Summer 2013 collection. 

She is wild and I love her necklace. Reminds me of Anna dello Russo. 

This is Mademoiselle Yulia's hand party. 

Blue and black go together so well, don't you think? 

Fun T-Shirts

This is a trend for the young at heart. And who said t-shirts dont go with skirts? And yes, sweatshirts are in the same category. I think we owe this trend to Givenchy's and 3.1 Phillip Lim's past seasons, glorifying the t-shirt and the sweatshirt. 

Grid Pattern 

I talked about the grid pattern here before. It is definitely here to stay. 

Mira Duma has opted for smaller patterns.

Yasmin Sewell picked a great dress. It looks more like a chess board pattern but I see that as grid :)

And whoever this woman is, I salute her. What an absolutely classic piece. I would wear it for decades. 

Ladylike Dresses

Never out of fashion... This was Giovanna Battaglia's choice for two days. 

Anna opted for Saint Laurent's grunge look but looked more like a 6 year old. 

Coco Rocha shows that ladies wear pants too. 


Leather was a huge trend this year, especially in bottoms. 

Yes, she has always sported this look but it's been so long I've seen her. Welcome back Kate Lanphear, I missed you. 

Told you slouchy leather pants would be big this fall. Personally, I can't imagine wearing them until October though. 

Everything about Mira Duma's outfit is oozing classy. 

Mix and Match 

Didn't you notice? There are no rules anymore. Just go with whatever you like. 

Another Hanneli Mustaparta. 

I'm in love with everything navy. 

Had to include Ece Sükan and her Dries van Noten skirt in here somewhere. 

Sleek and Sensible 

There were also those chose neutral colors and stayed awat from trends while still looking fabulous. 


If you wear stripes, I will like you. It's that simple. 

Taylor Tomasi Hill, that is the most fabulous top ever and I like you.

The most original striped t-shirt wearing person ever, I like you.  

Even though I could never pull this off, I like you too. 

NYC's street stripes, you give such good pictures, I like you a lot. 


They are still the hottest accessories in my opinion. If Londoners have colored hair, New Yorkers got their tattooes. 


Show your support for your team. 

And I could not say goodbye without this Sex and the City shot. 

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