Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kim Kardashian on the cover of .....

No, not the tabloids... CR Fashionbook, if you can believe it. Yeah you heard it right, Kim has made it to the cover of Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashionbook. Yes, she has had some quirky looks but I can hardly say that she is a figure in fashion. Ever since, she has been together with Kanye West, she has been trying to become an it-girl and most of the time, she has been failing miserably, especially during her pregnancy. So it came as a surprise that she landed this cover on what is already an iconic publication. This is her second bomb this week, the first being her going blonde.

So here is my theory behind this. Kim made it public so many times that she wants to be on the cover of Vogue and we have heard that Anna Wintour will not even hear of it despite Kanye West's begging. Kim Kardashian was even cut out of this year's Met Gala pictures Given that there is rumored to be an even greater feud between Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, I think that Kim got lucky due to the Anna Wintour-Kim Kardashian feud. Could Carine have picked Kim just to piss of Anna even more? Did Carine take a huge risk? Is she just joking? Because, the theme of the 3rd issue is Hope, is she saying "there is still hope, even for Kim?"

I'm waiting to see the rest of the cover story to decide how exactly I feel about this.  I have to admit though that she looks quite different with the close-up shot with her grills on. What do you think?


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