Monday, December 31, 2012

Anya Ziourova (Who's Who Vol. 004)

Anya Ziourova is the coolest of the Russian fashion pack, which includes names like Miroslava Duma (the cute one),  Elena Perminova (the amazingly long legs one), Vika Gazinskaya (the quirky designer one), Ulyana Sergeenko (the just-popped-out-of-a-Tolstoy-novel designer). 

Anya has an amazing figure and gorgeous cheekbones/skin/eyes as well as the confidence to go sans-make-up in a life full of super-models. Starting her career at American Vogue, she went on to Japanese Vogue and Chinese Vogue, she is now the Fashion Director of the Russian Tatler and Creative Fashion Consultant of the Russian Allure. She has an amazing eye for mixing and matching colors and prints and a daring sense of style that doesn't shy away from new shapes and new emerging designers. What I love the most about her is the ease in which she rocks a simple gray GAP t-shirt and an off-the-runway Givenchy dress in the same non-chalant air about her. 

Son dönemde sokak modası fotoğrafçılarının ve bloggerların en son gözdeleri Ruslar, Rus Moda Tayfası olarak adlandırılan bu ekibin en cool ismi Anya Ziourova. Miroslava Duma (şirin olan), Elena Perminova (inanılmaz uzun bacaklı olan), Vika Gazinskaya (sıradışı tasarımları ve saç kesimi olan) ve Ulyana Sergeenko (Tolstoy karakterini andıran tasarımcı) ise tayfanın diğer üyeleri. 

Çıkık elmacık kemikleri, muhteşem bir cilt ve gözleri ile Anya süpermodellerle dolu bir gündelik yaşam içerisinde sürekli sıfır makyaj ile gezebilecek kadar özgüven sahibi. Kariyerine Amerikan Vogue'unda başlayıp Vogue Japonya ve Çin'de çalıştı. Şimdi ise Tatler Rusya Moda direktörü ve Allure Rusya Yaratıcı Moda Tasarımcısı (bir gün benim de böyle bir ünvanım olur mu acaba?) Renk ve desenleri karıştırmakta üzerine yok ve farklı kesimlerden korkmuyor. Onu en cool yapan ise gri bir GAP t-shirt ile podyumdan inmiş bir Givenchy elbiseyi aynı rahatlık ve umursamaz tavır ile taşıyabilmesi. 

This Emilio Pucci jacket is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so surprised that I haven't seen it on anybody else so far. Think about how you would style this jacket yourself... I believe most of us would go for all black. Scroll down to see what Anya has paired it with... 

These Isabel Marant jeans are just amazing. 

I I absofrickinglutely love the cut of this military coat 

This Celine sweater is absolutely to die for! The heels look like Azzadine Alaia.

Notice how the shape of the dress and the shoes complement each other. A bit too matchy matchy for Anya but still a great outfit nevertheless.

Leopard sandwich... Would look trashy on anyone else... 

Just my type of outfit, all black with a stand-out skirt...

She opts for emerging names too. Dress by Ostwald Helgason. Shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. 

She really likes the leopard print and this is one of the classiest ones ever.

She is fun, too. 
Pairing an overtly embellished jacket with Current Elliot zebra jeans and embellished Alaias? Only Anya could pull this off and look this cool. 

A red jumpsuit for day with leopard belt for the day time? No problem.

What an amazing coat. It must be Celine. That Givenchy bag is cute too. However, she usually carries just a cell phone with her. Usually carrying 8 lb bags on any given day, I'm just amazed at women like this.   

Givenchy dress to die for. 

She does lady-like chic so well too. 

Celine heels, Yves Saint laurent suit. 

These Russians really got each other's backs. Anna wears a lot of her friend Vika Gazinskaya's designs. This black off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is just wild. 

Leather overalls by Philip Lim and Celine heels. 

Another Vika Gazinskaya outfit with Alaia heels. 

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